Quite often it happens when we look around to see times , where people argue ,where things get out of hands , when mostly we start spitting words with no meaning no sense , hurting not only others but us too.
Why and how do things really get out of hand that much ? It is just hard to tell.But one thing is for sure , that the conclusion of these arguments are nothing but just misunderstanding , and a feeling of being left in the middle of nowhere.

Although most of the times , people forget and move on , they don’t look behind , but what’s left behind is WHAT IS PILLING UP. And at times , when things aren’t even talked about , these things jump out of nowhere, and situations become worse.

It’s hard to keep our senses together when we are angry , we just focus on being louder than the other , and then not the topic but winning becomes more important.

But only if we were able to listen in the first place , rather than getting hurt by senseless conversation ,paid attention to where it started , if we could just let out that we are hurt instead of letting the inferiority of loosing capture us. It would be different if we could just let our tears out ,instead of letting it become anger.

It could be different , if we tried .

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