Deep Sighs

A lot of times when things go wrong , when we end up being frustrated , when words either don’t come out or when we just can’t let them out . That is when these deep sighs help us.
This is not just a simple thing or reaction , but a way we let ourselves know that some things can be controls , like letting out your words. Because letting out your thoughts does not always helps , it sometimes ends up damaging more.

No doubt its hard, every swallowed word makes us feel like we’re left behind in a small closed room with no way out. It makes us feel like we need to break barriers , but at the same time we fear that it might just end up destroying everything.

Which is pretty true , it seriously might .I won’t say that it is someones fault , I would neither say that you need to sort out things first . I can only suggest you to sit and breathe , let your self alone for some time,don’t listen to anything , don’t do anything just close your eyes for a while , eat something. Your mind ,your body knows its ways to relax .

You will eventually heal .Till that time let it all out .You’re a human not a machine , just remember not to hurt others , cause simply they’re human too.

Keep Loving . Keep Smiling .

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