Loving Again

Every bit , of every day , collected together , connected together means so much more than we can even think of . Both the lively and lifeless things are an important part in our life . Our love isn’t limited to only the one with expressions , but even with all those lifeless things which might have the biggest meaning and impact in our lives . From a simple small rock to a piece of paper , a memory , a song , even a wall . All these things which make you feel , touched , connected , define a different meaning to the word love.

Your life is surrounded and made up of thousands of things , feelings and thoughts coming together . But still some things seem to be more important than the others . And when you loose that one thing , you are left devastated with the thought that you’ll never feel the same again

Which is true in a way , it isn’t really possible to feel exactly the same again . But remember everything has its own special place . Even though you may not be able to revive the same feeling, who knows you might end up finding an even better one.

So don’t stop , cherish the things you are left with , keep your arms open to the ones who might need it , and when these things work , the numbness you felt will leave you soon.

Just remember no matter how bad the weather has been , at the end even the weakest bud blooms too.

Keep Loving.

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