Not like the Others !

“I am unique” also ” Everyone is unique” and “doesn’t that just mean that no one is unique?” . But to just put it out there , everyone really is unique , and no it doesn’t normalize anyone or anything.

But it seems like to be one of the biggest competitions out there , to be unique . The funny part about all this being UNIQUE is that , everyone tries so hard to be out of the norm that they end up making another . I know everyone including me wants to stand out , it’s just natural . But just because of that , doings things that are said to be different , trying so hard , wasting so much time and not realizing that during all this you are actually loosing something really important and that is YOU .

Its good to try things , to explore and know what suits you , but doing all that just to stand out won’t make any sense at the end of the day . Because even if you want to be different you still want to be yourself . And the thing is that , never ever can two people be exactly the same . You really are a unique combination of so many feelings , behaviors, thoughts and other things.

Which just simply means , being yourself , working on yourself for better . You are already standing out , and it’s good to have certain things in common , it keeps you sane.

Love Yourself . Be Yourself .

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