Look up its a new day now , keep a smile on. Even if you feel scared trust me it is still worth trying .Look out the window , maybe take a stroll . I know it keeps getting harder with time , blending in and telling lies about yourself , to yourself , just to appear acceptable .

But one day when all of this will start to make you feel overwhelmed , the negative side will start overpowering you , you will feel left out . But more than that you will start feeling that somewhere you’re starting to loose yourself.

This feeling surely is no good , it just tends to further destroy you within.

So before its too late , let me tell you , all of this “trying to fit in” will all be meaningless sooner or later . And you will only end up regretting on how you wasted your time and emotions on something so worthless.

So instead of wasting your time trying to fit in , put effort in a try to better yourself , grow into a better version each day, even the smallest steps our the biggest achievements . And at some point if you feel like its not getting any better and you are just feeling tired ….

Don’t run , STAY ! You are better than this , stronger than this , take your time cause you are worth it.

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