Just A Moment

While walking back home tired from college and studying .It gets a bit exhausting, especially because it’s a daily thing, but I still love it more than almost anything that happens in that whole day. The reason is just one, that even if just for a few minutes I can escape a few troubles and see new things in the same old street.

So one day, walking down the same old road I heard some giggles, some squeaky little giggles. As I walked a few more steps I saw two kids near a currently-being-constructed-house. They were probably kids of the workers there. So the thing that actually made my day was the same reason why they were laughing.

They were basically playing a game, they were carrying dried mud in powder-ish form, in a plate, and then they would toss it in the air and to run through it, it was kind of like a competition between them. And this was happening while their mother was shouting from behind, telling them, that they were going to get punished, but I can say for sure that at that moment they couldn’t have cared any less. They knew they were going to get punished but they were too busy enjoying their time.

This all happened just in somesome sec. But it was surely so much. It was amazing, and just like that , that moment made me to try and really really enjoy every moment that I can.

So yeah the bottom line is, that we know that there are some troubles in our way, but try not to ruin your present with it, it’s okay to sometime just let those tears out, but don’t let those tears tear you apart. There are much more better things, if you don’t find one, make one.

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