Wake Up today

A motivation we lack is somewhere near us .. All we need to do is look for it.

A new year has come again in our lives . Its funny that we wouldn’t celebrate this day or any such day if we did not knew the dates . This is the biggest reason why we should celebrate each day by rising up everyday with hope in our minds and courage in our hearts , with a will to start something new and work harder for what we have been doing already.

We keep getting wake up calls from our life , but we ignorant beings miss it every single time unless and until we loose something special . People are born every day and they die every day too . Its so harsh that we don’t even want to mention this line in our days . But it is important , I personally don’t want to regret that I have missed anything in my life . Even if the way my life ends be painful in any way ,I still want my last breath to be the most relaxing one.

We read things take inspirations and forget that , its hard to keep up with good and motivating thoughts with our harsh lives . The only motivator that you need at this point is just yourself . You are the only one who knows every inch of your mind . You know how hard or how easy things are for you .

LIVE not because you need to but because you want to , live for those who love you , for those whom you love , life is too short and unpredictable to be constantly feeling miserable .I know some people suffer so much that they end up feeling dead inside , its okay don’t pity on yourself , even if you feel nothing , move on , try to be in the moment itself , express yourself , talk about good things that have happened and plan on doing something good .
I won’t say that doing this would solve your problems but it will give you strength to keep up and solve them , stop fighting and start learning . Not from books but from your life , your surrounding , the wonderful nature . Think about living everyday , you won’t need any other other motivation.

Happy New Year by the way . Smile More .

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