Some love to give

For quite a while you had been feeling lonely in a big crowd , separated . You’re trying to find someone , anyone , but it feels so empty when you look into someone’s eyes. This feeling is enormous in a way . For a moment you just stand there still, for no reason , you look what is happening , you start to realize that you have been missing out on a lot . You realize that there is something else waiting for you , to come and finally take a step.

So here is what you must do next , become a bit crazy and give someone a smile, it won’t always be easy , some would not even understand , but for some it would be worth it . Let your thoughts run loose , sit down and think of a name , it does not even matter if you end getting a name of someone you’ve never talked to before. And actually it would be even more exciting , in a way you’re gonna make a friend if not for forever at least for a few moment .

Now go ahead and talk to them , on phone , by meeting , whichever way is best for you , start with a normal hi , now talk with them about things that you’ve wanted to , treat them as good as you’ve been wanted to be treated . See their reaction they might end up being you’re closest friend ever .

But how?? You might be getting this question, the answer is so simple , you just treated them good , you treated them with the way just like you want others  to treat you . You just gave them some love , some kindness ,in a way that is yours . And the rest is for you to understand!!

Start a small journey in your mind it will be the best. Keep Smiling you pretty face.

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