May I tell you how wonderful it feels to look at stars when there aren’t any lights blinding my vision . It appears to be the purest thing, so calm  so soothing and nice . every night when things shut down , when there’s least noise possible , and I can’t get out of the house  I just close my eyes and try to imagine what it must be looking like out in sky . For a moment I disappear from this constant blurry world into the clearest of the skies , I feel light like I’m floating , I feel that I have a strength .

Most of the time when I might be afraid of my surroundings , but at that time I feel nothing , I don’t feel sad or happy , I feel that I am in the middle , totally neutral to everything . Numb but still alive , Life becomes better as I start flowing through my thoughts , where I skip every part in which I was sad , skip every part when I was too happy , and just focus on what things I keep ignoring . And trust me I don’t feel sad at all for missing out something special , cause I know there are more things to come my way.

Those stars are not only a part of the solar system , they are a part of our lives , which help us to travel , through our thoughts our mind , beautifully and amazingly

Give yourself some time  , you will start feeling again , and it will be alright.

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