Better Than Ever

Thinking ….. just been thing ……. a lot lately  .

Things are so messed up nothing is going as planned . But do you really think our life really do depend on plans .

I too had a plan and trust me it was amazing . And I ended up doing something I would have never wanted , but it doesn’t matter what I want at the end it’s going to be just the way life wants it to be . But it does not mean that you can’t control what will happen .If you really do try enough maybe someday life will walk with you , win with you , and be happy with you .

Maybe you have lost this time and it looks like after all this effort , after all these tears life has won the game , but it isn’t really like that , life is your partner till the very end , if you lose it loses too , it is just never clear to us . Life has a motive after all . Life is there to teach us lessons that no one else can , in ways that no one else can .

Life can be pretty harsh during that time but trust me you become stronger from mind although you stay same from your heart . Which is a good thing , because you should never forget who you really are , and if you do feel lost in a storm just remember that there is someone who loves you and needs you to be happy .

And if you think that there is no one to love you , be there to love someone who needs it.

Trust me , it is never an end if it isn’t happy , keep trying for what you love for what you dream , you will end up being on the right place.

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