Days spent daydreaming are the best ones , you challenge your limits of imagining  . Think new things , find new topics , and laugh with full heart , it really is amazing . And yes I am ignoring those sad daydreams , they’re the worst so let us forget them.

Today lets focus on what is better , just try to think something good , whatever makes you happy and also makes you feel at peace. Like think about being at a place full of rainbows and flowers , nice soft grass , and just if a boy/man thinks its less manly , no its not nature does not define any such silly thing .  So getting back on the topic , think something amazing , like being able to spread happiness , being able to fly at highest possible peaks , or having the power to help tress and plants grow .

Or maybe try dreaming something practical like being able to forgive people who have done no good to you , showing them that you’re not like them , you are better and that they do not stand with any importance in your life , that you have better people and things in your life.

Or accept that maybe you haven’t done your best yet , that you’re still working on your masterpiece . And when it will be completed it will be one of the best things ever in your life.

Trust me try it , you would definitely feel good , and moved on from some of your problems.

For once just forget that there are any sorrows , and just imagine that how things can better and happier . Be the happy kid that lies within and smile .

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