Smile Again

When was the last time you smiled and really meant it ? When was the time when you smiled and did not cry on the inside? It is hard isn’t it , well you can not change the hard times either , then what next ?

I would not say that getting out of these unwanted situations is easy . Its hard for some and easy to others .

So let me tell you people some thing that I just did not see but also kind of did understand . I saw an old person doing a stroll in the morning . He could not walk at all , his spine was really weak , but he still carried an umbrella with him in the sunny morning, and under it , there he was a happy old man , really proud that he was putting in some effort to make his life a bit better . He got an even better smile when he met a friend in the middle , he said hello and continued walking , he did not stop to talk , while most people do . It was clear to see that he knew , that if he stops then the whole walking that he has done so far will end up in nothing , or may I say end up with no profit . He could barely even walk , but I did understand why he was not using any support , well he must have been walking for a long time , he must have started it with a walking stick , but with time effort and hard work he has mastered to walk without it . And you see, it really does not matter that he is walking slow , at least he is now able to walk with zero support , on his own.Trust me or not . But it is you only who could make things a bit better . You may need support at first but you will eventually figure it all out . And not just the fact that you have made your life better but also the fact that you did it by yourself with some hard work , all these small things will get you to your own happy place .

Trust me you can learn to SMILE again . You just need to work better every-time.

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