Like Winds

Yes it’s true that one of the biggest lessons are given by the people we trust . They come into our lives,seem to be sweet and comforting , and turn out to be someone we can’t imagine.

But these kind of people aren’t that bad . At least their truth is in front of us ,we know how to handle them and their hurts . Somehow we’re always attached to them , we know what they are up to ,we know how to handle  them.

The worst are those who never ever let us know what they really are . They can spend their whole life pretending to be your friend,and use you ,and never let you out of their dungeon.

Then there are the sweet ones . Some with a bit bitterness and some with a little sourness , which only complements how good they are.

They are good that doesn’t mean that they talk sweet. They can be rude or emotionless but no one could think and care about you more than them.

And it is important to treasure these people . Even fights can never damage these relations . They are meant to be forever and ever.


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