Some love to give

For quite a while you had been feeling lonely in a big crowd , separated . You're trying to find someone , anyone , but it feels so empty when you look into someone's eyes. This feeling is enormous in a way . For a moment you just stand there still, for no reason , [...]


May I tell you how wonderful it feels to look at stars when there aren't any lights blinding my vision . It appears to be the purest thing, so calm  so soothing and nice . every night when things shut down , when there's least noise possible , and I can't get out of the [...]

A friend

It has never been easy to grow out of stress. But still you always need to look up and walk. And despite everything happening bad you need to learn to smile , as for me it has always been this way but this time it was a bit hard. Untill I found a way. While [...]