Quite often it happens when we look around to see times , where people argue ,where things get out of hands , when mostly we start spitting words with no meaning no sense , hurting not only others but us too.Why and how do things really get out of hand that much ? It is [...]


Just A Moment

While walking back home tired from college and studying .It gets a bit exhausting, especially because it’s a daily thing, but I still love it more than almost anything that happens in that whole day. The reason is just one, that even if just for a few minutes I can escape a few troubles and [...]

Some love to give

For quite a while you had been feeling lonely in a big crowd , separated . You're trying to find someone , anyone , but it feels so empty when you look into someone's eyes. This feeling is enormous in a way . For a moment you just stand there still, for no reason , [...]


May I tell you how wonderful it feels to look at stars when there aren't any lights blinding my vision . It appears to be the purest thing, so calm  so soothing and nice . every night when things shut down , when there's least noise possible , and I can't get out of the [...]